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ImpressArt Premium Newsprint Uppercase Stamp Set 3mm

Ref: M.5420.03.UP

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50.00 (Exc. VAT at 20%)
60.00 (Inc. VAT at 20%)



ImpressArt Newsprint Premium Uppercase Stamp Set contains 33 stamps all with 3mm high letters or characters. Newsprint Premium stamp set can be used to stamp harder metals such as Stainless Steel without dulling - Now you can personalise anything you like...even your cutlery!

The newsprint stamping font has a classic old newspaper style look to it making it easily legible. This set also contains a stamp for '&'.

ImpressArt stamping sets are the perfect way for you to personalise your jewellery designs by adding tags stamped with either a name, personal message, initials or even a special date - the possibilities are endless!

ImpressArt Design Stamps have been designed by artists for artists and will make a long lasting impression on your jewellery. Manufactured to the highest standard for durability and alignment, these professional quality stamps have been precision-cut from carbon tool steel, hardened to last from project to project.

- Size: 3mm (will stamp letters approximately 3mm tall)

- The stamps are protected against rust with a oil-free finish.

- The set includes the alphabet and 7 bonus design stamps.

- Each of the metal stamps can be easily identified by its label on its side - just face the labelled side towards you for the correct orientation.

- Perfect for stamping hard and soft metals including sterling silver, brass, copper, nickel, gold, aluminium and Stainless Steel


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